Thank you so much for the incredible canvas job on our 380 Sundancer. We love the quality of the materials used. The workmanship was extraordinary. You delivered everything we hoped for and we are very happy. If you ever need a referral please call on us.
Sincerely, Nancy & Dave S.

Your craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable! You have made a pretty boat, prettier! Thanks for your work and attention to detail.

Carl and Gladys,
Thank you again for your prompt attention toward our boat Shelly Anne and her broken panels. You were not only very friendly and professional but the quality of your workmanship is superb. I look forward to working together again when the need arises.
All the best, Jim and Shelly K. 8-16-12

Sorry it's taken so long to catch up with you. I just had to say you really out did yourself. The work you did is like artwork! You're the Best! Thank you again,
Rob S. 9-16-11

Hi Carl,
I went to the boat this morning to do some jobs and get some items, couldn't believe you had the cover on. Totally awesome. You did a great job and provided over the top service.
I was going to mail you today to say let me know when you have it ready so I can be there and bring the money. So I will send you the check today. You should have your name and phone number somewhere on the cover. I will certainly recommend you to anyone, or have them call me. Again a totally great job and the covering of the aft section was done superbly.
Gordon B. 12-10-12

Good Morning Carl,
I put a check in the mail for the balance due today. Just wanted to say Thank You sooo very, very, much for the outstanding job you did on our canvas. I could not be happier with the way it turned out and the customization you did for the boat. We are both thrilled how the boat looks. You did a perfect job of maintaining the sleekness of our boat and the time taken by you is easily shown in the final work. We both will enjoy our boat so much more and could not be happier with the outcome. I appreciated all the extra time you came to measure and to talk to us about what was happening and our thoughts as well. Thank you again......very, very, much.
Mary & Dale D. 10-05-12

We just got back from Italy and just got down to the boat this past weekend. The new canvas looks great; you did a fantastic job! We love how you curved the windows around the back: the cockpit feels much more light and open. Thanks for the recommendation. The new smile windows on the side are terrific. We also got the privacy canvas via UPS and they fit perfectly. We'll be sending out a check for the balance today.
Cheers, Dennis H. 9-19-12

Carl, I hope all is going well with you. Rock Hall, Maryland has witnessed the largest snowstorm in recorded history, up to 30 + inches. We have just completed the plowing and have opened the marina to our customers. Our men have accessed all vessels on land, as well as the marina infrastructure and recently updated the management. The following is the report I have been given by our crew; all vessels with shrinkwrap are in good shape as well as all winter custom canvas covers made by 'Sea Canvas'. All other custom canvas covers have either collapsed or have significant pockets throughout them as a result of the wet heavy snow. I have had several dozen phone calls and several dozen emails requesting an update of their boats condition. Clearly your cover is superior in strength and design to all other covers on the market today, as I have witnessed firsthand the integrity of your cover from the extreme Blizzard of 2010. Thanks,
Bob W., Vice President, G.M., The Sailing Emporium, Inc.

Great job on the bimini Carl !
It's really nice to work with someone who cares about the job and the customer.
Thank you, Randy

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